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The Quests

Hi. My name is Bob Fritzen. From 1964 until 1968 I was lead singer for our West Michigan rock groupThe Quests. During those years, a musically-diverse time which gave birth to the "garage band" genre, we were fortunate to have several local West Michigan hits on the now cult-famous, Fenton Records label.  

I recently found that there has been considerable international interest in our classic garage band recordings. The Quests were being played on various radio and internet broadcasts, and duplications off old 45s had been included in various compilation albums.  This discovery prompted me to contact a couple of the guys, and after a few more calls and e-mails, the Quests scheduled a forty-year reunion. 

Sharing memories and thoughts of "what could have been" prompted us to do two things.  First, we decided to restore our original master tapes and create professional-quality versions of our songs to improve upon what was being played on the bootlegged reproductions, so that all The Quests' recordings could be enjoyed in the finest clarity. Not only did this bring our analog sound into the 21st Century, it also gave us the opportunity to publish our "lost" recordings that were intended for release, but ended up iced when the band broke up.

We could have gone no further, but a second action was inevitable...yes, the instruments were taken out of storage, we oiled our squeeking joints, and we went back into the studio to record five new Redux-style songs to complete a new, 14-song Quests' CD. 
More significant than our recording accomplishments is the fact that we have fallen in love with music once again, and our renewed excitement for sounds that stir us have made us want to share these good feelings with you.  We hope you, too, will renew your enthusiasm for music, and that you will rediscover the power of song. 

For your enjoyment this site features both the old and the new.  We hope you are entertained by this combination of '60s flashback and spirit revival.  Among these pages you fill find:

1) Mike Dugo's interview of Bob Fritzen; the long awaited "tell all"  by our leader and honorable historian.

2) A complete
band roster describing when each member was in the band and what instruments were played (or  attempted to be played). 

Photos and videos of past and present Quests in various states of either frozen or animated embarrassment.

4) A definition and discussion of
Redux Rock in case you are thinking,  "What the hell is Redux Rock?" and your chance to participate in a forum soliciting your ideas for returning great music to the airways.

5) A 
poll where we suck secrets from your brain.

6) An almost-complete '67/'68 Quests'
songlist, to bring back memories of what was being played "in the day" for you old folks, and to give you young-uns something to muse over. 

7) A 
discography (somewhat boring) where you can check out the legitimate and bootlegged Quests' publications. 

8) Samplings of the early Quests' garage recordings and recent Redux efforts in our
music store, where you can buy an individual MP3, a full album download, or an old fashioned CD in jewel case.  Oh, did we forget to mention: a FREE DOWNLOAD of "BTG" for all visitors (every song free if you are "special").

9) A 
blog page where Questors, Bob and Lyle, can say whatever they damn well please, with a visitor's board subpage where YOU can say whatever you damn well please (we'll put it on the site if it's either non-offensive or flattering to us). 

Links to friends who would like to steal you from us (unfortunately, these are not paid advertisers).

11) And last, but not least, an
e-mail form and address for those who have a worthwhile question and need a personal reply, or for those who want to offer us a lucrative recording contract (Note for solicitors: WE'LL FIND YOU!!!) 

You will be rewarded for making return visits to our web site.  For those who sign up to be a "Quests' Friend," we are providing a new, free download each month so that you can eventually have all 14 Quests' originals in your MP3 library free of charge. Just sign up for membership at the bottom of any of our pages (we won't send you any  junk e-mails..well, not in our opinion, anyway), and then bookmark us in your "Favorites" to remind yourself to take advantage of the free MP3s. 

Of course downloads are not the only reason for you to periodically come back.  Check us out every now and then to keep abreast of breaking news, occasional attempts at humor, and Blogs from 'Doc Bob' and 'Doc Lyle" on psychology, dentistry, redux rock, and other vital topics, and if you find our site entertaining, please refer your friends. Thanks, and keep rockin'!
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