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Redux: (adj.)  Brought back; Revived; Restored to former importance or prominence.

I'm Lyle, lead guitarist for the Quests.  Let's hear it for classic rock and roll!  Great sounds and great memories, right?  However, those songs no longer thrill us like they once did. The problem with most music broadcasted today is that the songs of the '50s through '80s have been practically played to death, and contemporary music has devolved, rather than evolved.  Songwriting has become less creative, and that has resulted in a loss of consumer enthusiasm....a loss of your enthusiasm for what is played on the airways.

To add to this dilemma, the recording industry by and large has abandoned those of us who prefer music founded on interesting melodies and good lyrics.  Most of the new, "formula" pop rock that the executives assume we  want leaves us cold.  There are few  new tunes that have the ability to revitalize the positive feelings that music should inspire, that music once did inspire.  

So, what have we done to fill this void in our lives?  We've exchanged our natural love of music for flat screen TVs!  Instead of dancing and being energized by sounds that stir youthful emotions, we've digressed to more sedate forms of entertainment, and we've cheated our souls by turning our backs on something that was once a significant contributor to our mental health.

The Quests believe there are many music lovers who would like to hear new "classic" rock, new songs influenced by Chuck Berry, The Beachboys, The Beatles, and even The Quests.  We hope you enjoy our old '60s recordings and also our new, Redux songs that we've written with the '60s in mind: songs with straight-forward lyrics, catchy melodies, and, as always with Rock and Roll, a great beat!

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