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The Top 40 in 1967/1968 covered so many styles.      It included such varied artists as The Monkees, The Supremes, Johnny Cash, Frank and Nancy Sinatra, TheTurtles, Ed Ames, The Beatles, James Brown, Hermin's Hermits, The Byrds, 1910 Fruitgum Company, Aretha Franklin, The Mills Brothers, The Doors, Dion, Ohio Express, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Rivers, Lulu, and even Bill Cosby. You can't get much more diverse than that!

To see what The Quests were playing at dances during that time, click here:
'67/'68 SONG LIST

Our discography includes several albums that "borrowed" our songs.  Although these recordings were published without our knowledge (and without our receiving royalties), we're flattered to be on them.  To see a list of publications that include our songs along with those of other pioneer, classic garage bands (also probably not receiving royalties), click here: DISCOGRAPHY

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