Introducing The Band


Factoid: The Quests are the sixties, garage-punk pioneers who recorded "Scream Loud," "Shadows In The Night," and "I'm Tempted" on the Fenton Records label. An indie, Grand Rapids, Michigan garage band, The Quests perform original, classic-style Redux Rock with a focus on interesting melodies and upbeat lyrics. We have gone "Back To The Garage" and are recording once again. offers free MP3 downloads to both casual visitors and web site members. Our latest CD is titled,"Re-Quested: Back to the garage."

"Music and the friendship of comaraderie, indeed, never grow old. Each of The Quests has had the enormous joy that is associated with both, and our appreciation of this blessing is made even greater by your interest in spending time with us." - Bob F.

Current Quests:

Bob Fritzen:  Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Lyle Hotchkiss:  Vocals, Lead Guitar
Bob Dengate:  Vocals, Bass
Neil Turmell:  Drums
Ron Sieracki: Vocals, Keyboard
Derrick Pearson:  Vocals, Drums

Retired Quests:

Joe Suchocki: Rythm Guitar (1965-66)
Jim Nixon: Keyboard (1965-66)
Steve Mazurek: Drums (1967; deceased 2001)

Manager:  Bob Fritzen
Producer: Lyle Hotchkiss
Songwriters:  R. Fritzen and L. Hotchkiss

Quests in above photo, left to right:

Standing:  Bob Dengate, Bob Fritzen, Neil Turmell, Lyle Hotchkiss
Seated:  Derrick Pearson, Ron Sieracki

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