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New vs Old 

I have been listening to '50s and '60s music on XM at work, and can't get over how music has changed over the years.  New lyrics and melodies can't compare.  This especially is evident to me when I evaluate new, indie songs on  When you have the time, visit this website and become a Track Tester, yourself.   I guarantee you'll find new appreciation for the sounds that were produced during times when people's minds were not as messed up as they are today.

Keep Rockin',

Cabana Boy 

Our song, Cabana Boy, was evaluated by several hundred Testers at, and received above average test results.  Yesterday I was contacted by Track Testing, who received a request from an individual in Europe who would like permission to make the song available in European music stores.  I guess there are still a few B-Boy fans out there!


Rock 'n' Roll! 

The Quests played a live performance for the first time since 1967 at West Catholic High Class of '64 45th reunion at The Guest House in Grand Rapids.  We played twenty-six songs from our '67 set list and the crowd sang and danced the night away.  What a great time for both the audience and us!  There were rusty moments, but all in all we still had the Quests sound.  We thank the class of '64 for allowing us to relive our youth one more time.  Who knows, maybe we'll play for someone's Class of '65 next year!


West Catholic Changes 

The West Catholic High reunion on Sept. 26 at Marc Stewart's guest house has undergone some changes.  Evidently the dinner has been canceled, and instead there will be munchies beginning at 8 PM.  The cost may have also changed, and it is uncertain when The Quests will be playing.  My guess is 8:30 or 9.  Guests are still welcomed.  I'll let you know if I hear anything differently.

Doc Lyle

Oh, what a night! 

Yes, it's official, The Quests are playing two full sets of ancient rock and roll for the West Catholic High School Class of '64 reunion on September 26, 2009.  It will be held at Marc Stewart's Guest House on Stocking Ave. NW in Grand Rapids (616-459-9399).  There have been numerous inquiries as to whether or not the occasion will be open to non-WC '64 grads, and we have found out that they are welcoming other fans of The Quests.  Price is $30 for dinner and music (advanced notice is appreciated for those wishing to dine), or $15 at the door for just the music, which begins at 9 PM.  '60s DJ Bob Becker will also be spinning records that evening, and I've heard rumors of a cash bar on site.  One way or another, it is assured to be an excellent evening!

Doc Lyle

Songlist for Wext Catholic 45th Reunion 

Here's what we're all practicing to play at our first gig in 42 years!

Hanky Pankey, Time Won't Let Me, Gloria, Kicks, Let's Dance, Because, Hide Your Love Away, All Day and All Of The Night, What Can I Do, I'm Tempted, Shadows In the Night, Scream Loud, Love Is All Around, I Think We're Alone Now, Shakin' All Over, For Your Love, Secret Agent Man, Roll Over Beethoven, Little Bit Of Soul, Johnny B. Goode, Dream, Great Balls Of Fire, The Way We Are.

Wish us and the WC gang luck!

Doc L.

Returning to the stage (well, sort of) 

The Quests are practicing to play a two set concert at the Grand Rapids West Catholic High School Class of '64 reunion.  The gig will be Sept. 26, 2009 in GR.  Former GR DJ Bob Becker will be MC and spinning records.  The question isn't whether we can still play like we did in's whether or not we can stand on our feet and play for two hours!  Anyone need a classic garage band for a reunion? 


New online music site 

I just returned from a short trip to Germany and Switzerland, and found a great, new international site where indie artists can get their music heard around the world. Take a look at The more ears listening to your music, the better, so I encourage fellow indie rockers to sign up.  The Quests' "BTG" was just added.  If you are an artist with tunes to promote, I suggest you check out the site. 

Another interesting note:  The Quests have been nominated for the Michigan Rock 'n' Roll hall of fame.  Lots of competition, but just being nominated is a great honor for this humble garage band.

Keep Rockin'

Where's my bailout? 

A very telented, independent artist wrote me to say that he was dropping out of the music scene for a while.  There didn't seem to be any interest in his CDs, and his website wasn't getting as many hits as it used to.  This guy is really talented, with several of his songs used in televisions shows and movies.  The present economic pull-back is effecting everything.  Not only have we stopped buying, but we've lessened our interests in things that once had been exciting for us.  We artists have to hang in there, for this recession will end, and with more positive feelings will come more interest in things that make us feel good.  We need to shake of our depression and bailout our attitude!


If you tried to link to you found the the site didn't come up.  That's because it is going through a design overhaul.  I'll let everyone know when it is working again, but it will probably be a couple of months.  Do you have your own website?  If you do, e-mail me and I'll check it out.  Keep rockin'!

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